Astrological Consultations

ASTROLOGY is an ancient language. Astrology is not something to believe in, Astrology is something to know about or of…. for thousands of years already …

It is though a language that speaks in symbols and metaphors that are still applicable and alive today. The Art lies within the realm of “How do I apply this language to my daily life and way of living?” In preparation for a chart consultation, I look at these symbols, aspects, dynamics and astrological signs and share with you those insights and meanings—including how they might apply to you and your life.

I liken this process of  to “cleansing a mirror.” An astrologer might be very successful in wiping a window or mirror clean (i.e. explain certain patterns or dynamics in your current life circumstance) but no astrologer can make you or anyone else ‘see’ (i.e. open your eyes and look at the mirror or through the window, so that you may acknowledge or comprehend what you see).

The key always rests in ones willingness, ability to assume responsibility, and openness. Actually, it’s most welcome and necessary.

This “business” of rising awareness –  and astrology is a great, time-tested tool in that endeavor –  can take many shapes and forms, and these shapes and forms can often feel uncomfortable. One often seeks the counsel of an astrologer when things are going “pear-shaped.” A vague shroud of “Cluelessness” prevails or one simply has realized that going on with the same procedures, maneuvers and reactions won’t change a darn thing and one is looking for a remedy or an insight. Hopefully. Or sometimes plain curiosity provides enough motivation for a visit. While I can’t dispense remedies and miracles, I can assist in the “Insight department” when so requested…

“Obviously astrology has much to offer psychology, but what the latter can offer its elder sister is less evident. So far as I judge, it would seem to me advantageous for astrology to take the existence of psychology into account, above all the psychology of the personality and of the unconscious.”– Carl G. Jung


Doch wozu dient die Astrologie?

“Astrologie ist kein Instrument, Schicksal zu betrügen. Astrologie ist kein Instrument, irgendwo im Schicksal herumzurühren oder in der Zukunft herumzurühren.
Astrologie ist ein Messinstrument für den Lehrplan, der für diese Inkarnation zuständig ist.
(…) In diesem Sinne verstehen wir die Astrologie als Einweihungsweg, die Welt und ihre Gesetzmäßigkeiten erkennen zu lernen, den Hintergrund sichtbar werden zu lassen und die Sinnhaftigkeit allen Seins besser zu verstehen.”

~Thorwald Dethlefsens


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