About Claudia

Born and raised in Europe, I can converse in German, Italian, and English (Schooled in Europe, educated worldwide)

I sought out my first astrology consultation in the age of 22 from a German astrologer who resided in Switzerland. I felt very intrigued by what he described during that consultation and later went on to study Western astrology myself.  In 1991 I settled in California where I still live. I still enjoy traveling though. (Please see my Travel Musings under the Blog tab)

After many years of studies I am most drawn to the soul-centered view of astrology, as described by Jeffrey W. Green,  Alan Oken and Suzanne Rough/UK.

Aside from studying and practicing astrology,  I am a Fine Arts painter (oil on canvas) and had painting exhibitions mainly in California. My artwork focuses on archetypes and myth.

For further info, please visit my site: http://www.claudia-astrospiral.com


West Yorkshire