In Tenna – Safien Tal, Grigione, CH

Good morning…
These were the sights this early morning…out the door.


Walser huus opposite the path, and my li’l perch, eh…porch

My entrance…and a broom..ancient design. Not found in stores

Resting on a bench…wildflowers and meadows abound. Very steep.
If i were to somersault from here…it be a long way down.

Yesterday I arrived at Versam/Safien train station in the Rhine gorge (near source of river Rhine) and was told to take the bus up to Tenna.
Ha, the bus was a van ….. as the curves were too narrow for a regular bus…. and as I came to see, wisely so. Overall, the ride was not for the faint of heart. Either that or iI turned into a wimp.
Steep drops right next to the road.
Oh dear…what i have gotten myself into this time??
When we arrived the driver announced we have just climbed 1000 meters in altitude. Am now on 1650 meters plus…
Never heard of this valley before.
Until i booked to stay here…


And as the weather always fluctuates in the hills, eh, mountains…now there are also some clouds.

We shall see how it proceeds.
Slept like a log….first time in weeks.
Than had a simple cafe with hot milk….sitting outside.
Store-bought milk…as this time of year, all the cows are up the alm. (The even higher up meadows)
Then went to centre of Tenna to see if I find the driver of the Postauto about my luggage.
Needs to be picked up… and until it will be delivered I am still luggage less. As I decided to ship two suitcases and bag…rather impromptu, from St.Moritz train station a few days ago.
And as I still can not think too clearly… this spur of the moment decision left me only with a few items. The basics for a couple of nights. But no worries…got me toothbrush alright.
Oh well…
Otherwise all good.
People are friendly and kind. And equipped with a ferocious  dialect of swiss german that has my ears puzzled. Yet somehow I understand. Or at least I think I do…
The stillness apart from the birdsong and buzzing insects is profound.
And just as I typed, this a barefoot young girl walked by a bowl in her hands ready to pick berries in the lush garden in front of me.
Am not making this stuff up.
Neither that I sat in the filmset for the film called ‘the gift’ with Patrick Stewart of Luc Piccard and shakespeare fame. (that was in Engadina though, @ the hotel)
Who knows, I might have ended up in some frames of the  film. When the Beethoven piano sequence was filmed and Sir Patrick was seated in the audience to watch the recital. I’d be the woman in white to bis right…
Update: the li’l girl wasn’t here to pick berries. But fresh leaf salad. Off she went again.

Tomorrow evening there is some bonfire up some mountain.
If I get me luggage and some woolies…I might get up there too.
Just for the experience…

And..also Just in case… I will have to review my airline ticket…if per caso and happenstance I have not only booked a location ticket “San Francisco to Zurich”  but if it included a clause that involved backward timetravel as well.
…if so, i clearly have overlooked that clause and ought to read more in detail the pesky fine prints.

Alrighty… here is wifi … but slow. Not sure how well msgs get send and received….but I will keep attempting,  with my Dispatches from the Mountain Meadows.
Saluti and fondest wishes –

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2 thoughts on “In Tenna – Safien Tal, Grigione, CH

  1. Absolutely delightful, Claudia. Yes, you’ve gone backwards in time, something I experience on every pilgrimage when walking through tiny villages. Enjoy yourself to the fullest. Thanks for sharing the moment. Love and hugs to a fellow pilgrim, Kurt

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