Lunar FullMoon Eclipse Wednesday Oct 8th @ 15deg Aries –

Eclipse Season to me is a time to reflect on beginnings and endings – and a Lunar eclipse brings in the thought of the play of the opposites. Sun in one sign (Libra) and Moon in the opposing sign (Aries) as in this eclipse.

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before the full moon ….

which in turn reminded me of the following quote by Daistez T Suzuki:

“It is the entry into the life of non-duality where one is no longer caught by the play of opposites, where self is not set over against other, nor are ideals in conflict with realities … As he is now one with his tasks, they are not to him mere obstacles to be disposed of so that he may begin the business of “really living.” His tasks are his life … It is in the uncreative life that the does is separated from what he does.”

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and such are the contemplations that come easy when being an appropriate “Lounge-potato” here…

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while enjoying the warm and golden light of October days ….

Featured imageI do so love these days, the air is gentle and golden, the sounds full of peace,  and Miss or Mister Hummingbird are flying by in the afternoon, paying visits to various blossoms in the garden…. and I feel so very very fortunate!

Featured imageand not only because I can harvest Meyer-Lemons from my li’l tree that are future contributors to my weekly “Mini Margaritas”.

Perhaps I feel so fortunate because slowly-slowly it is dawning on me that to me it is becoming more ‘real’ each day: “We live my mystery and not by explanation.” – first heard it said by a Sufi Teacher, and it really resonated deeply within. And it also reminded me of a quote by Albert Einstein which I have posted onto the back of my un-smart mobile phone: “There are two ways to live life. One as if nothing is a miracle, the other everything is a miracle.”

Many years ago, after another job ended and no new one was lined up – I remembered a saying I’ve read or heard somewhere, which stated: “There is only one Giver.” – …. well, if there is only One Giver, it follows that there is only One Taker, no?

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“Solitude does not mean living apart from others;  it means never living apart from one’s Self.”  Parker Palmer

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Evening twilight …

Wishing you many serene days with the golden light of the changing seasons ….