Golden Lights and FULLMOON on St.Nicolas day (Samichlaus)

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Evening Light – November

This late summer and fall light here in California truly appears as liquid gold. So often I find myself stepping outside my li’l chalet-like room in the hills and gaze at the skies and the golden light streaming … A photo image barely captures it’s magic, especially not the simple mini iPad thingy I use for taking pictures. Still … it’s an echo of that marvel and splendour.

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Evening Glow on grass

Even though it is now too cool (for me) to sit outside – and luckily even too wet (we had a nice storm this past week…yiphee!) to sit outside on the teak, I still often spend time in the little plot of garden where my plants reside. There are weeds to pull, leaves to remove, roses to prune and lovely things to admire and interesting scents to inhale…

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Another morning glory peeking through the cedars

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First Bird-of-Paradise of the year ….

The reason that you haven’t heard much from me in the past 5 weeks was not due to me getting lost in the garden, but flying off to WestYorkshire again. Long story, that won’t be told, not even in the short version; but here are a few images for your viewing pleasure.

This spiffy stony bit of wisdom-encouragement I found around the corner of the cottage of where we were residing …

Think it is MOST interesting to find this statement on a Mechanics Institute, posted there almost a 150 years ago. Was it a reminder to people who studied and worked there? – that even when dealing with mechanics, physics and such measure-able topics, it does not preclude from ones duty to know one-self.

How very very timely, me thinks.

Wonder if they would have that motto installed above each Apple store?

photo 1

Early November in WestYorkshire

It was my first time in 28 years that I have been in Europe in the month of November … I thoroughly lost the talent to deal with bleak gray skies and temperatures below 15C (60F) – I knew that before I went, it was simply re-enforced with this visit. Though the skies in WestYorkshire were lovely to behold – and I even took to some walks in the frigid temps of 8C and similar degrees. But afterwards, the strong, hot Yorkshire tea and ginger-cake tasted even better….

photo 3

Sunday afternoon walk – WestYorkshire

photo 1

St.Thomas Beckett church – Heptonstall….

…where I met the vicar who – as I found out a few days later – had also just completed the Camino Frances, on the Santiago di Compostela. He was to give a talk in the village, which I was to miss because I would have left already. But I contacted him and we briefly met for tea/caffe’ and cookies a few hours before I departed… And we shall meet again when I return hopefully next summer, to share more camino tales.

photo 1

FullMOON rising – WestYorkshire – Nov 6th

photo 3

WestYorkshire moors

photo 1

Sunday afternoon walk – WestYorkshire

The light started to fade already around 15:30 or 16:00hr, depending the cloud-cover; and it was only early November… how would it be like now, one month later? Getting dark around 15:00hr’ish? Sobering thought …

The rest of the journey was grueling, so I won’t elaborate. I am grateful that it is well and restored now somewhat …


Morning Tranquility – ThanksGiving Day Nov 2014

Last weekend I set up the Advent decoration – to set some seasonal tones also indoors. I love the candlelight, and the scent of small cedar branches.

photo 1

Early Morning on 1. of Advent

And now for something completely different ….


Mars – and the experience with Miele

Behold: my trusty Miele hoover. Dutiful household companion since who’s knows when. (bought it via Craigslist many years ago from a very kind, albeit interesting man. He was the proud owner of 32 vacuum cleaners. Do I need to say more?) – Anyway …. In the past many days I had noticed how my level of irritation was slightly on the rise. Initially I did not pay attention to this, but then the incidences accumulated a bit, and I took notice, because it is not a characteristic of mine to get hot under collar that quickly, that often. (I know, some might feel inclined to beg to differ… but that’s another story) –

Well now … I started to remember how that is usually the case when certain Mars transits (alert: ‘astro speak’ approaching) are in effect. And voila’, after a brief consultation with the “Pocket Astrologer 2014” I realized, that ‘insight’ was spot on. Mars had been conj Saturn and is now ‘moving’ toward another planet that will ‘touch off’ those three Yod’s in my chart and then later in January, will oppose natal Pluto. And that’s ‘fun’ and interesting. – Those times I remember indeed as getting hot and bothered without much effort, and a bit more ‘accident prone’ or driving with more “Rally de Monte Carlo” flavoured attitude than I’d really care for.  So – I am now sending notes to self to keep it calm, cool and collected for the next few weeks, to be sure. And can recommend that to anyone with a) planets in Aquarius because Mars will conjunct them and b) planets in Leo because of the Mars opposition and c) later on the Mars opposition to Virgo planets, etc etc. – Why am I stating this, since Mars is always somewhere and never not transits? Well, I remembered that many of my friends have Pluto in Leo … and thus transit Mars will oppose Pluto. (Happens every two years, not mega-rare, but always notice-able) … and many other friends have Pluto in Virgo … which Mars will oppose later in Jan … and so forth – Word for the Wise: Be mindful of: Mellow and easy does it. Or stack up on a new ration of ‘New and Improved’ chill-pills!

Now, what does it have to do with my Miele hoover? Shall tell your in a moment: As I was pondering all this, I was hoovering the floors in my place, when without prior notice or warning the handle of the Miele came flying off.

It took me but a moment to realize that delicate humour and hint in all that: “not to be flying off the handle ” – – Perhaps it was even a touch of synchronicity? Could very well be … because until now none of my household appliances ever ‘lost it’ – least of all a handle. – I shall keep this in mind during the next few weeks as Mars is plowing across a few natal planets of mine and opposing a stellium. –

In the meanwhile I stood there with the de-tached handle in hand … what’s a girl to do? The short answer is: Duct-tape.

Someone once told me that everything in America can be fixed with either a hammer or duct-tape. I do have both, but thought that duct-tape is probably more appropriate for this occassion. And pretty quickly I had a now a duct-taped Miele, as you might be able to see in the above photo. Hopefully it will get me through another few years of good hoovering …

photo 1

Garden bounty – after the rain – December

Today I went back into the garden and saw more beauties … which I gently collected. Seeing them arranged on the steps like this I thought it looked like a painting … Bird of Paradise, Calla Lilies, Carmelias, a Rose … and I even discovered that in a ‘forgotten’ pot, now Hyacinths start to blossom and exude their heavy scent. Such beauty, and that in December …

And below the last photo of the day — I had planted some seedlings many months ago – and forgotten to make a note of it. As they grew bigger and greener,  I started to wonder what kind of veggies did I plant? Today when I looked, it now appears to be Miss and Mister Broccoli. Would that be correct? Please have a look. thank you!

It also reminded me of, or showed me, how often we plant seeds of something … our thoughts, our actions, our hopes, our desires… and then completely forget about it, not making a note of it. And when we see the outgrowth, the blossoming , the fruits of our hopes, thoughts and actions…we often don’t connect it, recognize it with what we have planted months or years earlier. I surely don’t or didn’t …

Very Best Wishes,

Warmly, C

photo 4

Mystery Vegetables – suppose they are broccoli ?!


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