Hobbit Room with a VIEW …

After several years of Blog Sabbatical … voila – new tales ….
and indeed – the Pilgrimage continues.
I have moved on from California – and am now moving through Europe – looking for a place to settle for a while –
and I started with the Engadina area in the south-eastern corner of Switzerland.
to arrive – I chose a most marvellous place:
Waldhaus.  in Sils-maria in Engadina.
At least this Hobbit room is not in the attic (as those were during my Scottish travel in 2016)  and I don’t need to duck my head lower… but  is still so small it seems the cooling system of the mini bar fridge is enough to heat the room.
Still… I am so happy and grateful that I can afford this after my euro-arrival …
Otherwise – all else impeccable and such a warm and simple welcome as if I had been here many times before.
A hotel without that obnoxious elevator music piping through some sound system.
No vending or ice machine noise or glare whatsover.
Peace. Quiet. Beauty. Pure luxury to me…
And did i mention the view?
My body seems so much more at ease here …. the fatigue and tiredness is still there and improbably still look like “death warmed up”…
But nonetheless…something is different for sure…so i realized when we went up the julier pass
And i did not have a wee bit of motionsickness.
Boggles me mind. In CA I ride around three curves and I feel sick and queezy for hours. Here I rode up to 2300 mt or so and a bit down again…and I was fine.
And am somehwat in disbelief.
Anyway…around 5:30pm we got here. I had booked a somewhat shuttle…could not envision taking train with all that luggage and the already existing level of exhaustion.
It might be 3-4 months before I see my personal effects again…so I needed to pack in a way that gets me through these intervening months.
And…arriving here it was 12C…on the pass it was about 7C …
No typo..it is a high valley…and even in July temps like this can occur.
Tomorrow I will set out an explore.
The spa.
The lake.
The hills…whatever i feel like…or not.
Right now I am either in insomnia or jetlag land…or both.
But well fed and cozy.
It is so quiet here in the mountains. So still.
That alone is a treat.
Ah…and when walking the hallways here…I think of Hermann Hesse wandering through those same halls, dining in the same rooms… he, and Carl Gustav Jung, and Rilke, and many other artists, writers I feel an affinity for, etc…
That is how I first came to note of this place ….
It seems to be tradition here that each guest will be greeted by a member of the family who owns this place….with a simple :
“We are delighted to be able to welcome you here at the Waldhaus…. (= House in the forest)
Which is such a nice touch.
When I stated that I had always wanted to come and stay/ be here…. the owner responded with:
“…and now you are here….”
And that is the swiss understatedness, containedness, reserve in a nutshell.
Something in me really resonated with that mountain way of being.
And of course my capricorn moon recognizes this very well.
Btw…the emblem of this Canton Graubunden/ Grigione  is the mountain goat / Capricorn
… very apt.
Ok…just to let you know that i survived…with the help of the friends who moved mountains over there in California to get me to the mountains here…
and with much grace and prayers.
Will never forget it…



Capricorn detail in the lounge


One thought on “Hobbit Room with a VIEW …

  1. So happy for you that you’ve found “the” place where you can be at piece. The views alone are precious and enviable.

    Am currently on a national park trip, driving a 3,000 mile loop from Ventura (just north of LA the Tetons, Yellowstone, Glacier, and Banff, then down the western coast back home. The BIG difference is that after our trip is over, we go home and it becomes a memory. For you it’s a daily immersion and the dream lives on as long as you want it to.

    Enjoy it, my friend. Love and hugs, Kurt

    Sent from my wee iPhone


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