Harvest Moon – September 8th 2014


In a book that I am fond of, called: “Spiritual Ecology _ The Cry of the Earthhttp://spiritualecology.org/publication/spiritual-ecology-cry-earth was edited by a friend and has numerous contributors, one of them is Chief Oren Lyons. Recently I’ve found this on youtube.com in which he also speaks (mainly part II and III, if I recall it correctly) Thought you might be interested in a listen. Native American Prophecy (Elders speak vol I)     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7cylfQtkDg&list=PL2DE2E8F9AC354783   It was filmed during some conference in the late 90’s, and shown on TV in a Scandinavian country (spoken in English, but subtitled in Swedish, Norwegian or Dansk – not sure which – am not savvy with Scandinavian languages…my apologies…)

Datura –

The air slowly tinges with a crisp autumn air whisper and I feel subtle melancholia …. The light will diminish even further after the upcoming Autumn Equinox on Monday, September 22 @ 19:29hr Pacific Standard Time.

Sun and Moon embrace –

I still hope for some warm, sunny and hot days that will heat up the bones well enough to make it through the winter alright, without slumping into too much gloom and shivers. And then I pray for the rains to fall in a benevolent pace and amount ….to end this drought here in California.

We are parched on so many levels it seems …. The soils for moisture, and the souls for meaning.


A friend forwarded this link to me – and since I like Bill Moyers …. And especially like “Laaahwrrrenz” – I thought to give it a try and was glad I did, and not only because if confirmed my long-held view that this heartbreak situation in the Middle East has roots much deeper and older then the recent Gulf Wars … See for yourself… for about 20 minutes or less of your time: http://billmoyers.com/2014/06/27/learning-from-lawrence-of-arabia/


late afternoon – September 2014

Planet Mars is moving in the sign of Sagittarius … I am looking forward to more spring in my step and less heaviness in my heart, and to get some sane action going …

Warm your heart and bones before the autumn starts knocking on your doors ….