NewMoon – 25 August 2014

Now was chosen as the moment to launch this “blog”. It’s NewMoon, it’s time.

If ever you intend to start a new ‘routine’, a new exercise regime, starting to write a journal, planning a long desired journey, starting a new project,  …. the day of the NewMoon would be recommended.

And here I am, approaching you with the invitation to follow along on this journey, this pilgrimage … that continues every day, wherever I happen to be, to reside.

During the pilgrimage in Portugal and Galicia, I was inSPIREd to share my days and experiences with you and I loved the pilgrimage, and the writing about it. And it was the most enthusiastic feedback of you all that inSPIREd me to reconsider writing a blog. And Voila’ … here I am, here we are.      I obeyed.    Ha! 🙂

Please follow me along (that particular button is here someone on one of the pages) And not to worry – I won’t clutter your inbox with constant updates. Promise. Perhaps once a week, or twice? Who knows…?? Rest assured, it won’t be anything like following CNN (Constantly Negative News), even though, ironically, those are my initials.Not sure what they ought to stand for? Perhaps: “Caring No Nonsense”

What can you expect from this new venture here?  Time will tell. Though here is what I envision:

  • Sharing Updates on the continued pilgrimage
  • Photo images of the simple life in the Oakland hills and wherever else I may travel in the next few years
  • Astrology musings – most likely not of the predictive kind, of course – but an occasional brilliant insight or two perhaps
  • My internationally sought-after “MiniMargarita” recipe & other goodies (Won’t turn this into a food blog though.)

    photo 2Mini Meyer-Lemons from my tree in the potted-garden

  • Quotes and other brief, noteworthy writings
  • And I also envision your generosity in being forgiving with my curious grammar and syntax; and with sharing this blog with other interested parties  … so the wealth may spread. Yes, this blog is also a means to get in touch with me for people who are sincerely interested in an astrology consultation…of the soul-centered variety, though. (I am not aiming to be Madame Mim at the Fairground booth)

Alright then… let the adventure commence – and thank you for being part of THIS … Very Best Wishes  — Claudia

BTW: To ease the anticipated, probably long-waited next entry, you might like to read up on my ancient travel-tales (somewhere listed on the right side of this posting) No pressure here, just a suggestion… honest.:-)  Also – am still working on some details; as in: how to increase the font size, etc. Thank you for your patience, and Pardon The Dust.